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Monday, 26 October 2009

Park Passion Recognised

Taken from  the Campbells Bay Times October 2009
Centennial Park Bush Society chair and local resident Dr Richard Hursthouse, was among 14 North Shore recipients of a 2008 North Shore City Council civic award - presented at a ceremony in Takapuna on September 21 2009.

Takapuna Community Board chair Martin Lawes, who presented the award, paid tribute to Dr Hursthouse’s commitment to the North Shore’s environmental wellbeing and future and his leadership role in three local ecological restoration projects: Campbells Bay Primary School community forest, Centennial Park bush restoration and the restoration of Tuff Crater at Northcote – Forest & Bird’s key North Shore environmental project. Martin Lawes said Dr Hursthouse’s specific “passion” was Centennial Park. 

Invited to comment, Dr Hursthouse said: "I feel humbled to be offered this award. It is a reflection of the support the community has given the Bush Society and a recognition of the positive changes occurring in Centennial Park - which are due to the efforts of many people. We can build on this to ensure the success of the Campbells Bay Urban Sanctuary. It is also a reminder that, in the face of intense pressure on our environment from development, we need to actively look after our wild spaces."
Mayor Andrew Williams presents Dr Richard Hursthouse with his Civic Award (Above)

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