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Monday, 26 October 2009

Full Stream Ahead

Taken from  the Campbells Bay Times October 2009
Residents can expect some disruption at Huntly Road if the council’s stream engineering works go ahead in early 2010. Stormwater project engineer Bruce Palmer has informed the Residents & Ratepayers Association that North Shore City Council is currently seeking consents from owners, affected parties and the North Shore City Parks Department for the construction of a new retaining wall for Campbells Bay Stream – to help prevent erosion and stormwater damage.

The plans require a three-metre strip of recently-planted native vegetation along the stream bank to be removed and two mature trees near the bus stop to be felled, to allow access for a 20-tonne excavator for drilling and earthworks. An in-ground retaining wall, rip-rap rocks and planted, soil-filled socks will then be constructed. Replanting of a selection of native plants will follow – but not until autumn. Council’s planned start-date is mid-January with completion expected by mid-March.

For more information contact Bruce Palmer on: bruce.palmer(at)

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