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Monday, 26 October 2009

Neighbourhood Watch Needs Action

Taken from the Campbells Bay Times October 2009
Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator John Stewart, who spoke at the Residents & Ratepayers AGM in June, would like a bit more action in Campbells Bay. Stewart says police statistics record an average of 21 residential burglaries on the North Shore each week – the lowest rate in New Zealand - “but this does not preclude residents being vigilant and taking a common sense approach to security and safety.” Campbells Bay has eight listed co-ordinators on the Neighbourhood Watch data base but none of these groups is considered active under the new criteria - which stipulate each group must have provided an updated member list within the last six to nine months. “We are moving towards a more accountable organisation and more accurate statistics are being gathered, in collaboration with the Police. This will only be of value if Neighbourhood Watch groups are recorded as active.” Stewart’s other concern is theft from vehicles: “Don’t leave items on view in parked vehicles. Not even sunglasses or umbrellas. The results are vehicle damage and inconvenience. It’s just not worth it.”

Email those Neighbourhood Watch member lists to John on: admin(at)

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