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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Meet the Candidates

A successful public meeting was held with 22 local election candidates and 53 in the audience. Candidates were asked to address the following question (or similar for Local Board candidates):

"As you know, while councillors are elected on a ward basis, their role is to make decisions about the ‘big picture’ – the major strategic issues facing Auckland, concentrating on the major growth, economic and environmental issues regionally and determining the council’s priorities.

To do this, if you are elected, you will need to communicate and engage with both the communities within the Albany ward and with the two local boards to be able to consider their views when making decisions.

What ideas do you have for connecting with Campbells Bay people in fulfilling those responsibilities and what commitment will you give us that we can hold you to if you are elected?"

Several of the candidates remarked it was the best meeting they had been to and were impressed with the turnout.

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